Jill’s Monthly Blossoms

Monthly Blooms

Have you ever had One of Those Days?

You know what I mean, where nothing seems to go right? Instead of getting up on the wrong side of the bed, you rolled off and tumbled face down on the floor kind of days?

I am a writer, with four published books, yet I have such a limited degree of tech savvy, it can be embarrassing at times. Yes, my three adult children run circles around me. My husband who works in the technology field tries his best (bless his heart) to coach me, yet something inside me constantly resists.

I never grew up with an iPhone, not that I am using that as an excuse as to why I am cloddish around technology.

Instead we, my sisters and I, had to pull our long, curled, land-line phone cord into our pantry under our stairwell in the kitchen for privacy.

What I’m trying to say is, I am from another generation. The era that had to walk up to a television set, with the rabbit-ear antenna and manually turn the channel. I know, I know, my kids were flabbergasted that it wasn’t that long ago that the microwave was invented, let alone cable television.

Now I know this is no excuse not to understand the workings of a cell phone, or computer for that matter, but I had to explain . . . Not that I am not trying to learn and become more proficient with workings of all things technical, I am! But alas, growing up in another era, makes me more awkward and slightly more tech challenged. Let me share with you an example of the type of day I had last week:

I am finishing up my bachelor’s degree and I am almost done. 🎉 Yet this past week, I had a heck of a time sending a simple file to my professor. Why you ask? Because I forgot where I saved the file at first, but when I found the file, I could not corral the correct assignment to email to her. In the Microsoft word title, I did not double space between a letter and number, so I accidentally uploaded the incorrect file. RRRRRRRRRRRRRR. Quite troublesome for me. Along with the patience of my Professor, I ended up uploading the correct file, after a few humiliating tries. My eighty-five-year-old father would simply say, “You think you have it rough? Go to another country where people have no food!”

And of course, dear old dad is right. Please don’t let him know how right he has been all my life, because I’ll never hear the end of it! 🙂

How was your day? Please let me know- We can compare notes and maybe reminisce about the ‘Good ‘Ole Days’, converse about today or envision the future!

~Have a Great Month~

~Many Blessings and Blossoms~


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